Title: Nonisotropic and Variable Outflows from Stars
Volume: 22 Year: 1992 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Drissen, Laurent; Leitherer, Claus; Nota, Antonella
ISBN: 0-937707-41-4 eISBN: 978-1-58381-358-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
Non-Isotropic Outflows from Stars (Invited Paper) 3 Drissen, L.
Circumstellar Discs (Invited Paper) 14 Pringle, J. F.
Outflow and Infall of Matter in T Tauri Stars (Invited Paper) 18 Natta, A.
Winds from Protostellar Accretion Disks (Invited Paper) 27 Hartmann, L.
Circumstellar Matter, Molecular Outflows, and Evolution of Young Stellar Objects (Invited Paper) 37 Montmerie, T.
Circumstellar Emissions in ALGOLS and Serpentids (Invited Paper) 47 Plavec, M. J.
Spectropolarimetry of B Stars (Invited Paper) 57 Taylor, M.
A Model for "Dimples" in the B2e Star A ERI (Contributed Poster) 67 Smith, M. A.
Spectropolarimetric Variability in Be Stars (Contributed Poster) 71 Bjorkman, K. S.
Observations of B[e] Stars (Invited Paper) 75 Zickgraf, F.-J.
Thoughts about Models for Luminous Emission-Line Objects (Contributed Poster) 81 Underhill, A. B.
The Cylindrically Symmetric Wind of HD 93521 (Contributed Poster) 84 Massa, D.
The Wind Compressed Disk Model of Be Stars (Invited Paper) 88 Bjorkman, J. F.; Cassinelli, J. P.
Wave Driven Winds in Be Stars (Contributed Poster) 98 Koninx, J.-P. M.
Dynamics of the Envelopes of Be Stars in the Equatorial Plane from Continuum data (Contributed Poster) 102 Chen, H.; Marlborough, J. M.; Waters, L. B. F. M.
Disks and Magnetic Fields in the Line Emitting Regions of Wolf-Rayet Stars (Invited Paper) 106 Underhill, A. B.
Stellar Spectropolarimetric Monitoring at The University of Wisconsin (Contributed Poster) 114 Nordsieck, K. H.; Babler, B.; Bjorkman, K. S.; Meade, M. B.; Schulte-Ladbeck, B. F.; Taylor, M. J.
Spectropolarimetry of "Disks" around Wolf-Rayet Stars (Invited Paper) 118 Schulte-Ladbeck, B. F.; Meade, M. B.; Hillier, D. J.
A Simple Variability Model for EZ CMa: "Doppler Imaging" of a Wolf-Rayet Star (Contributed Poster) 130 Matthews, J. M.; St.-Louis, N.; Moffat, A. F. J.; Drissen, L.; Koenigsbevger, G.; Cardona, O.; Niemela, V. S.
Models for the Winds of Rapidly Rotating Early-Type Stars (Invited Paper) 134 Cassinelli, J. P.
Asymmetric Infrared Profiles: Asymmetric Wolf-Rayet Winds? (Contributed Poster) 145 Eenens, P. B. J.
Atmospheric Model FITS to Extended WN Continua in the LMC: Are Isotropy and Spherical Symmetry Adequate? (Contributed Poster) 148 Morris, P. W.; Conti, P. S.
Intrinsic Stellar-Wind Variability (Invited Paper) 155 Howarth, I. D.
UV P Cygni Profile Variability in 0 Stars (Invited Paper) 167 Prinja, B. K.
Can Nonstationary Velocity Plateaus Account for Slowly Moving Discrete Absorption Components? (Contributed Poster) 177 Fullerton, A. W.; Owocki, S. P.
Time Evolution of Solitary Density Waves in the Stellar Winds of Early-Type Stars: A Simple Explanation of DAC Behavior (Contributed Poster) 181 Waldron, W. L.; Klein, L.; Altner, B.
Variability of Wind Features in Optical Spectra of O-Type Stars (Invited Paper) 185 Fullerton, A. W.
Investigating Short-Term Variability in Be Stars through International Multiwavelength Campaigns (Contributed Poster) 195 Peters, C. J.
Comoving Frame Calculations for A-Cephei (Contributed Poster) 199 Bons, N.; Bunacres, M.; Blomme, B.
Intrinsic Wind Variability of Wolf- Rayet Stars (Invited Paper) 203 Moffat, A. F. J.; Bobert, C.
Line Profile Variations in the Wolf-Rayet Star WR-134 (Invited Paper) 214 McCandliss, S. R.
Evidence for Varying Global Asymmetries in the Wind of the WN6 Wolf-Rayet Star HD 191765 (Contributed Poster) 224 Marchenko, S. V.; Moffat, A. F. J.; Annuk, K.; Antokhin, I. I.
Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Variability of Wolf-Rayet Stars (Invited Paper) 229 St.-Louis, N.
Intrinsic vs. Binary-Induced Profile Variability: Can we Tell the Difference? (Invited Paper) 239 Koenigsberger, C.; Auer, L. H.
Shock Treatment For CX Cephei: Bow Shocks and Other Anomalies in a WR+O Binary (Contributed Poster) 249 Lewis, D.; Marchenko, S. V.; Matthews, J. M.; Moffat, A. F. J.; Robert, C.
Non-Thermal Radio Observations of Wolf-Rayet Stars: A Case for Long-Period Binaries (Invited Paper) 253 van der Hucht, K. A.; Williams, P. M.; Spoclstra, T. A. Th.; de Bruyn, A. C.
Variable Dust Formation by Wolf-Rayet Stars (Contributed Poster) 269 Williams, M.; van der Hucht, K. A.
Instabilities in Hot-Star Winds: Basic Physics and Recent Developments (Invited Paper) 273 Owocki, S. P.
Non-Thermal Emissions from Hot Stars (Invited Paper) 274 White, B. L.; Chen, W.
Time-Dependent Models of X-Ray Emission from Shocks in Radiatively Driven Stellar Winds (Contributed Poster) 281 Cooper, B. C.; Owocki, S. P.
Theory and Observations of Symbiotic Stars (Invited Paper) 287 Priedjung, M.
Collimated Outflow from the Symbiotic Star R Aquarii (Invited Paper) 298 Burgarella, D.; Paresce, F.; Vogel, M.
Long Slit Ultraviolet Spectroscopy of the Circumstellar Environment of the Symbiotic Star R Aquarii (Contributed Poster) 308 Shore, S. N.; Michalitsianos, A. C.; Kafatos, M.
Correlated UV Line Fluxes of Two Symbiotic Stars (Contributed Poster) 311 Meier, S. B.; Kafatos, M.
The Common Envelope Phase in Novae (Invited Paper) 316 Livio, M.
Luminous Blue Variables; quiescent and Eruptive States (Invited Paper) 327 Wolf, B.
The Luminous Blue Variables in the Ultraviolet (Invited Paper) 342 Shore, S. N.
HA Variability of P Cygni (Contributed Poster) 353 Panagia, N.; Scudert, S.
Forbidden Lines of [Feii] and [Nii] in P Cygni's Envelope (Contributed Poster) 356 Israelian, G.; de Groot, M.
Observed Evolutionary Changes in the Visual Magnitude of the Luminous Blue Variable P Cygni (Contributed Poster) 360 de Groot, M.; Lamers, H. J. G. L. M.
HST Images of eta Carinae (Invited Paper) 361 Walborn, N. R.; Ebbets, D. C.; Malumuth, E.; White, R. L.
AG Carinae and the LBV Phenomenon (Invited Paper) 366 Leitherer, C.; Damineli Neto, A.; Schmutz, W.
Coronographic Imaging and Long Slit Spectroscopy of the AG Carinae Nebula (Invited Paper) 377 Nota, A.; Leitherer, C.; Clampin, M.; Greenfield, P.; Paresce, F.
A View from the Outside: Comments on Models for Luminous Blue Variable Stars (Invited Paper) 388 Gallagher, J. S.
Non-Spherical Envelopes and Flows (Invited Paper) 400 de Jager, C.