Title: Progress and Opportunities in Southern Hemisphere Optical Astronomy: CTIO 25th Anniversary Symposium
Volume: 1 Year: 1988 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Blanco, V. M.; Phillips, M. M.
ISBN: 0-937707-18-X eISBN: 978-1-58381-337-9
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Paper Title Page Authors
The Formation of Stars like the Sun 1 Graham, J. A.
Planetary Nebulae and Symbiotic Stars 12 Gutierrez-Moreno, A.
Cepheid Variables and Associated Early Type Stars 33 Eggen, O. J.
Observations of Southern Irregular Variables 67 Steiner, J. E.; Cieslinski, D.; Jablonski, F. J.
High-Dispersion Spectroscopy of Interacting Binaries 84 Sahade, J.
Interpretations of Luminous Stars of Local Croup Galaxies 100 Conti, P. S.
Supernovae in the South: SN1987A Y CIA. 119 Kirshner, R. P.
Optical Studies of Compact Galactic X-Ray Sources 131 Grindlay, J. E.
Evidence for Black Holes in Binaries 150 Cowley, A. P.
Globular Clusters in the Galaxy and Beyond 161 Hesser, J. E.
The Ages of Globular Clusters in the Magellanic Clouds 197 Mould, J. R.; Da Costa, G. S.
Stellar Evolution: Theory and the Real World I. AGB Stars - Fantasy, Fact, and Fantasy 220 Iben, I., Jr.
Stellar Evolution: Theory and the Real World II. Blue Stragglers, Star Bursts, and Binary Stars 239 Eggen, O. J.; Iben, I., Jr.
Metal Abundance Variations in the Milky way Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies 261 Suntzeff, N. B.
An Observational Approach to Stellar Synthesis Models 279 Frogel, J. A.
Current Problems in Studies of the Galactic Bulge 288 Whitford, A. E.
Active Galactic Nuclei: a Southern Hemisphere Perspective 301 Phillips, M. M.
The Space Distribution of Quasars 321 Osmer, P. S.
Distant, Active Comets Observable from the Southern Hemisphere 335 Meech, K. J.
Search for Faint Nearby Stars in the Southern Sky 342 Ruiz, M. T.; Maza, J.; Wischnjewski, M.; Gonzalez, L. E.
Southern CCD Parallax Program 344 Anguita, C.; Ruiz, M. T.
CTIO 4-METER Parallaxes and Proper Motions of Faint Stars Near the South Galactic Pole and NGC 288 346 van Altena, W. F.; Lee, J. T.; Wean-Shun, T.; Lopez, C. E.
The Brightest Stars in Young Open Clusters 350 Feinstein, A.; Vazquez, R. A.
Symbiotics: Spectroscopy Programmes at ESO 355 Schwarz, H. E.
Intermediate Polars Observed from Brazil in the Last Eight Years 360 Jablonski, F.
A.E. Evidence in Favour of Small Magnetic Fields in be Stars: V923 Aquilae 364 Roststein, N.; Ringuelet, A.
Studies of Early-Type Population II Stars at CTIO 366 Philip, A. G. D.
The Origin of Old Hot Stars in Super-Metal Stellar Systems 371 Demarque, P.; Pinsonneault, M.
12CO and 13CO Observations of the Southern Milky Way 376 Bronfman, L.
Molecular Gas in the Magellanic Clouds 378 Rubio, M.; Garay, G.
A Radial Velocity Study of Two Eclipsing Binaries in the Small Magellanic Cloud: HD 5980 and AV73 381 Niemela, V. S.
A Curtis Schmidt Survey of Ha-EMISSION Objects in the Small Magellanic Cloud 386 Azzopardi, M.; Meyssonier, N.
Internal Velocity Dispersion of the SMC Cluster NGC 419 389 Seitzer, P.
BVRI CCD Photometry of Globular Clusters 392 Alcaino, G.; Liller, W.
CTIO Observations of SNl987A in the LMC 394 Elias, J. E.; Gregory, B.; Hamuy, M.; Heathcote, S. R.; Kirhakos, S.; Navarrete, M.; Phillips, M. M.; Suntzeff, N. B.; Wells, L. A.
The NGC 1399 Globular Cluster System 400 Geisler, D.; Forte, J. C.
Star Formation in NGC 5253 403 Caldwell, N.
AGN [0111] Emission Line PROFILES:DEPENDENCIES on Galaxy Inclination and Internal Dust 406 Busko, I. C.; Steiner, J. E.
The Calan - Tololo Survey 410 Maza, J.; Ruiz, M. T.; Gonzalez, L. E.; Wischnjewski, M.
Large Scale Catalogs: Some Current Programs and Opportunities for Cooperation 414 Lasker, B. M.