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Paper: The Magnetic Cycle of Kappa Ceti
Volume: 27, The Solar Cycle: Proceedings of the National Solar Observatory/Sacramento Peak 12th Summer Workshop
Page: 197
Authors: Saar, S. H.; Baliunas, S. L.
Abstract: Observations of chromospheric Mg II and Ca II fluxes and photospheric magnetic flux (spanning 10, 22, and 6 years, respectively) of the active G5 dwarf, Kappa Ceti, show long-term variations analogous to the solar cycle. Ca II emission varies with a period of P_cyc = 5.6 yr, and we detect a decrease in magnetic flux (~ fB) during the declining phase of a recent cycle (1984-1988) of the form: Delta F_HK ~ (fB)^{0.4 +/- 0.2}. This is the first direct evidence for a magnetic cycle on a star other than the Sun.
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