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Paper: Mark-III VLBI astrometry of pulsars
Volume: 19, Radio Interferometry: Theory, Techniques, and Applications, IAU Colloquium 131
Page: 346
Authors: Jones, Dayton L.; Dewey, Rachel J.; Gwinn, Carl R.; Davis, Michael M.
Abstract: Differential 18-cm VLBI measurements of the position of PSR 1937 + 214 with respect to the quasar 1923 + 210 are reported. The preliminary results for VLBI minus timing position are +21 +/- 2 milliarcsec in right ascension and +14 +/- 9 milliarcsec in declination. The results show the value of combining the large collecting area of the Arecibo telescope with the Mk-III VLBI recording system.
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