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Paper: Hot spots in Cygnus A - A mosaiced map at 86 GHz
Volume: 19, Radio Interferometry: Theory, Techniques, and Applications, IAU Colloquium 131
Page: 276
Authors: Wright, M. C. H.; Sault, R. J.
Abstract: We describe a new software package, MIRIAD, for making multichannel images of multiple-field aperture synthesis observations. As an example of the use of the new software we present a map of the radio galaxy Cygnus A. We used the BIMA array to map Cygnus A at 86 GHz with 2.28 x 3.06 arcsec resolution in 3 fields centered on the central radio source and the radio hot spots in each radio lobe. The three fields were combined and deconvolved to find the positions and flux densities of the radio source components.
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