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Paper: VLA observations at 333 MHz - A search for pancakes
Volume: 19, Radio Interferometry: Theory, Techniques, and Applications, IAU Colloquium 131
Page: 223
Authors: Uson, Juan M.; Bagri, Durgadas S.; Cornwell, T. J.
Abstract: The P-band is the most recently completed observing band at the VLA. The aperture efficiency of the antennas is 0.4 and the system temperature is about 130 K. The primary beam is slightly off-axis and its half-power width is steeply frequency dependent, which induces abnormal spectral indices on off-axis sources. A search has been made for Zel'dovich 'pancakes' and a level of Delta S(rms) about 3.5 mJy has been reached for spectral channels of width of about 100 kHz. No pancake with M(HI) greater than about 5 x 10 exp 14 solar mass has been found.
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