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Paper: Massive Galaxies at Redshifts 5 < z < 6 in the UKIDSS Ultra Deep Survey Early Data Release
Volume: 380, At the Edge of the Universe: Latest Results from the Deepest Astronomical Surveys
Page: 321
Authors: McLure, R.J.; Cirasuolo, M.; Dunlop, J.S.
Abstract: In this proceedings we report the findings of a search for bright Lyman-break galaxies (LBGs) at z ≥ 5 using the UKIDSS Ultra Deep Survey (UDS) and Subaru/XMM-Newton Deep Survey (SXDS). Within the 0.6 square degree region covered by the SXDS and UDS early data release (EDR) we identify nine 5 < z < 6 LBG candidates brighter than z′AB = 25, corresponding to a surface density of 0.005 0.002 per square arcmin. Modelling of the optical+near-infrared photometry suggests that the typical stellar mass of the LBG candidates is ≥ 5 1010M, placing them amongst the most massive galaxies currently known at z ≥ 5. It is found that ΛCDM structure formation can produce sufficient numbers of dark matter halos at z ≥ 5 to accommodate our estimated number density of massive LBGs for plausible values of σ8 and the ratio of stellar to dark matter. Moreover, it is found that recent galaxy formation models can also account for the existence of such massive galaxies at z ≥ 5.
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