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Paper: Beyond the Limit of Deep X-ray Surveys: Galaxies or AGN?
Volume: 380, At the Edge of the Universe: Latest Results from the Deepest Astronomical Surveys
Page: 179
Authors: Griffiths, R.E.; Miyaji, T.; Knudson, A.
Abstract: We show that we can detect the ensemble emission from normal elliptical, spiral and irregular galaxies out to redshifts approaching one, and that these galaxies dominate the faint number counts below the discrete detection limits of the current deep surveys. The average X-ray luminosities can then be compared with the results of models of the evolution in the numbers of X-ray binaries and can possibly be used to constrain models of star formation. In order to account for the increasing luminosity of spiral galaxies from low to moderate redshift, AGN components may need to be invoked.
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