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Paper: On the Connection between Mass Loss and Evolution of C-rich AGB Stars
Volume: 378, Why Galaxies Care About AGB Stars: Their Importance as Actors and Probes
Page: 239
Authors: Mattsson, L.; Hoefner, S.; Wahlin, R.; Herwig, F.
Abstract: The mass-loss properties of carbon rich AGB stars are not very well constrained at present. A variety of empirical or theoretical formulae with different parameterisations are available in the literature and the agreement between them is anything but good. These simple mass-loss prescriptions are nonetheless used in many models of stellar evolution without much consideration of their applicability in various cases. We present here an on-going project aiming at a better description of the mass loss, that could be used to improve stellar evolution models especially the evolution during the TP-AGB phase. As a first step, we have considered the mass-loss evolution during a He-shell flash. Using stellar parameters sampled from a stellar evolutionary track, we have computed the time evolution of the atmospheric layers and wind acceleration region during a flash event with detailed frequency-dependent radiation-hydrodynamical models including dust formation. We find that existing simple mass-loss prescriptions imply mass-loss evolutions different than our model. Based on these results, we have also simulated the subsequent long-term dynamical evolution of the circumstellar envelope (CSE), including the formation of a detached shell. The second step of the project deals with the dependence of mass loss on the basic stellar parameters. At the moment we are computing a large grid of wind models for C-rich AGB stars. Preliminary results show that simple parameterisations are difficult to obtain in certain regions of the parameter space considered, due to strong non-linearities in the wind mechanism.
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