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Paper: X-Ray Binary Population in Young Stellar Regions
Volume: 367, Massive Stars in Interactive Binaries
Page: 623
Authors: Kalogera, V.; Sepinsky, J.; Belczynski, K.
Abstract: Recent Chandra X-ray observations of nearby starburst galaxies have shown that point X-ray sources are associated with massive, young stellar clusters, but do not tend to coincide with We them.; use a sophisticated binary evolution synthesis code (StarTrack) in combination with a simplified cluster model to track both the evolutionary state and the position of X-ray binaries as a function of time. Since these binaries are born within the cluster potential with self-consistent positions and velocities, we can show that a large fraction can be ejected from the parent due to supernova explosions and associated systemic velocities. For brighter sources and cluster masses below ~ 106M, we find that the average number of bright XRBs per cluster remains below unity, consistent with current observations.
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