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Paper: LMC-Bat129: Revealing the Structure of a Wolf-Rayet Wind
Volume: 367, Massive Stars in Interactive Binaries
Page: 431
Authors: Foellmi, C.; Marchenko, S.V.; Moffat, A.F.J.; Crowther, P.A.; Brillant, S.
Abstract: LMC-BAT129 is a double-eclipsing Wolf-Rayet binary. Here we present new VLT-FORS1 high signal-to-noise, low-resolution spectra obtained primarily during the secondary eclipse, i.e. when the companion passes in front of the Wolf-Rayet star. By measuring variations of the normalized fluxes of different emission lines as a function of time, these data should allow us for the first time to estimate physical sizes of the regions where the emission lines are formed in a WR wind.
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