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Paper: B[e] Stars with Warm Dust – A New Type of Intermediate- and High-Mass Interacting Binary?
Volume: 367, Massive Stars in Interactive Binaries
Page: 343
Authors: Miroshnichenko, A.S.; Bjorkman, K.S.; Kusakin, A.V.; Gray, R.O.; Manset, N.; Klochkova, V.G.; Yushkin, M.V.; Rudy, R.J.; Lynch, D.K.; Mazuk, S.; Venturini, C.C.; Puetter, R.C.; Perry, R.B.; Gandet, T.L.
Abstract: Dust formation around evolved hot stars requires special con- ditions, such as very high matter densities or hydrogen deficiency. Only a few groups of hot and luminous stars producing new dust are currently known (Wolf-Rayet stars, B[e] supergiants, and LBVs). Studying unclassified B[e] stars, we have identified another distinct group of ~20 intermediate luminosity (log L/L =2.5–5.1) hot stars with IRAS fluxes suggestive of a recent CS dust forma- tion process. Our search for optical counterparts of IRAS sources with similar colors in recently released all-sky surveys (2MASS and USNO–B1.0) resulted in finding 40 new candidates to the group. The group properties and recent observational results are discussed.
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