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Paper: The Spin-Up and Chemical Enrichment of Mass Gainers in Roche Lobe Overflow Binaries
Volume: 367, Massive Stars in Interactive Binaries
Page: 325
Authors: Gies, D.R.
Abstract: Mass transfer in a massive close binary system will cause a spin up of the mass gainer component and an enrichment of its atmosphere with nuclear processed gas from the donor component. Here I discuss some observational evidence supporting these expectations. RY Per is a massive Algol-type binary that is currently experiencing mass transfer and spin up. The geometry of the gas stream is near optimum for the transfer of angular momentum, and I show how other Algol-type gainers also appear as rapid rotators at a similar evolutionary stage. Some Be stars are also spun up by mass transfer in a close binary, but the case of φ Per shows how difficult it can be to detect binary companions to Be stars. Finally, I discuss evidence for rapid rotation and chemical enrichment in the OB runaway stars, with special attention to HD 14633 and LS 5039, runaways with neutron stars in eccentric orbits.
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