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Paper: Eta Carinae: HST Evidence for Binarity
Volume: 367, Massive Stars in Interactive Binaries
Page: 263
Authors: Gull, T.R.
Abstract: The Luminous Blue Variable, η Car, is immersed in material thrown out over the past 160 years. While we have considerable indirect evidence of a binary system (periodic visible-light spectroscopic changes, infrared changes in flux, and X-Ray variability), we do not yet see the secondary star directly. However, we do see changes in the central source and the nebular response to those changes that are consistent with a highly elliptical binary system with a 5.52-year period. The high spatial resolution of HST with the STIS and ACS/HRC provides considerable evidence for a hot, massive companion by revealing changes in the wind structure and the surrounding ejecta across the time interval from the broad maximum across the 2003.5 minimum to the initial recovery of the system.
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