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Paper: Radiative Forces in Interacting Binaries
Volume: 367, Massive Stars in Interactive Binaries
Page: 233
Authors: Owocki, S.
Abstract: I review the role of radative forces in massive interacting binary systems, with particular emphasis on the distinction between forces arising from an internal vs. external radiation source. For an internal source, the multiple scattering of radiation makes possible a multiple momentum deposition that can keep the radiative flux strong even through a dense medium. In contrast, the force from an external illumination of an optically thick surface is inherently limited by the single scattering value of radiative momentum. As such, radiative forces from even a close companion star should have little effect in modifying the overall tidal distortion of stellar surfaces that define conditions for Roche lobe overflow, or in inhibiting an associated dense accretion stream. They can, however, play an important role in inhibiting or braking of a companion starís wind outflow, thereby reducing the strength and X-ray emission of wind-wind collision shocks. In very close systems, they can also induce parallel surface flows that might help explain certain peculiar spectroscopic signatures of such systems.
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