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Paper: FUSE Observations of Colliding Winds in Three Magellanic-Cloud WR Binaries
Volume: 367, Massive Stars in Interactive Binaries
Page: 199
Authors: St-Louis, N.; Moffat, A.F.J.; Boisvert, P.; Marchenko, S.V.; Pittard, J.M.
Abstract: In this paper, we present preliminary results of a study of colliding winds and atmospheric eclipses in three Magellanic Cloud WR+O binaries: Sand 1, Brey 22 and Brey 32. This study, based on time-series of spectra obtained with the Far Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Explorer, will allow us to estimate parameters describing the shock-cone resulting from the collision of the two winds as well as binary and stellar parameters.

The most detailed analysis up to now is for Sand 1. Adopting an inclination of i = 40°, we find a total cone-opening angle of 80° and a streaming velocity along the shock of ~ 3000 km/s. We also find a luminosity ratio of LO/LWR = 3.5 0.5 and stellar radii of RWR/R = 3.5 0.3 and RO/R = 12 5.

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