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Paper: Empirical Mass-Luminosity Relation for the LMC Based on Eclipsing Binaries: Comparison with Single Stars
Volume: 367, Massive Stars in Interactive Binaries
Page: 77
Authors: Morrell, N.I.; Gonzalez, J.F.; Ostrov, P.G.; Minniti, D.
Abstract: We present the first results of a study of eclipsing binaries in the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). New high-resolution spectroscopic observations are analysed together with published light curves to yield absolute parameters for 8 detached systems in the LMC. All 16 binary components seem to be well represented by current evolutionary models for the LMC metallicity. A first empirical mass-luminosity relation for the LMC is obtained showing no differences with the mass-luminosity relation for the Milky Way.
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