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Paper: Lost in Space: Searching for the Multiplicity of Wolf-Rayet Stars
Volume: 367, Massive Stars in Interactive Binaries
Page: 37
Authors: Wallace, D.J.
Abstract: Are all Wolf-Rayet stars multiple? While a difficult question to answer absolutely, I suggest that the path to the answer lies in searching for multiple symptoms of binarity (for example, non-thermal radio emission or dust emission). For binary systems with these markers, we can have confidence that there exists a physical relationship. Using this method, the estimated binary fraction of WR stars within the solar circle currently exceeds 54%. Given the increasing use of high-resolution observational techniques, and the corresponding likelihood of finding more distant (yet still close) companions, this percentage will likely continue to grow. As the binary fraction rises, however, it increases our need to clarify the probable role of the binary companion in the evolution of the WR star.
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