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Paper: Hot Jupiter Model Atmospheres and Spectra
Volume: 366, Transiting Extrasolar Planets Workshop
Page: 297
Authors: Fortney, J.J.
Abstract: The Spitzer Space Telescope has allowed observers to detect thermal flux from the atmospheres of hot Jupiters. We present model atmospheres of several of these planets and compare our computed infrared spectra to recent space-based and ground-based infrared observations. One-dimensional radiativeequilibrium models yield infrared planet-to-star flux ratios that are in general a good match with the Spitzer data published to date. We also explore spectra as a function of orbital phase for a three-dimensional dynamical atmosphere model of planet HD 209458b. The day-side temperature structure and spectra of the dynamical model is quite different than other models. Observed flux as a function of orbital phase should be very sensitive to departures from equilibrium CO/CH4 chemistry.
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