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Paper: On the Influence of Blends on the Potential of Ground-based Transit Surveys
Volume: 366, Transiting Extrasolar Planets Workshop
Page: 283
Authors: Gillon, M.; Magain, P.
Abstract: Transit surveys have to observe many stars all at once in order to compensate for the rarity of the searched events. Such surveys, especially the ones observing a deep field of view and/or broadening their stellar images, have to deal with a relatively high level of crowding. This crowding could lead to a reduction of the number of detectable transits, and the estimation of the potential of such surveys without taking into account the influence of blends could give overoptimistic results. We have developed a code which allows to estimate the extent by which such a survey is affected by the crowding of the field of view. Our results show that the influence of blends is important only for severe levels of crowding and is in general much less crucial than the influence of red noise.
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