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Paper: X-ray Detection of the Host Star of a Transiting Extrasolar Planet
Volume: 366, Transiting Extrasolar Planets Workshop
Page: 230
Authors: Wheatey, P.J.; Briggs, K.R.
Abstract: We present the first X-ray detection of the host star of a transiting extrasolar planet. The nearby star HD189733 was detected in multiple archival observations made of the Dumbell Nebula (M 27) with the ROSAT X-ray observatory. The X-ray spectrum is consistent with coronal emission from the host star and the measured flux allows us to determine the X-ray irradiation of the close-in transiting planet. We find that HD189733b is likely to be suffering significant mass loss. Preliminary analysis of an observation made during transit suggests that this evaporation may be visible as excess photoelectric absorption in soft X-rays during transit.
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