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Paper: SuperWASP - Transiting Planet Candidate Selection
Volume: 366, Transiting Extrasolar Planets Workshop
Page: 187
Authors: Wilson, D.M.; the SuperWASP Consortium
Abstract: Transit searches of the 6.7 million objects from the 2004 SuperWASP-North dataset have resulted in approximately 44,000 lightcurves demonstrating periodic dips in brightness that could be caused by transiting planets. After manually sorting these to identify bona-fide lightcurves demonstrating multiple planet like transits, several hundred remained ready for initial quick-look spectroscopic observations. Through the use of a custom written ‘Virtual Observatory’ style interface (VSI) that combines light-curve parameter information with external catalogue data, the list was further refined. Unlikely planetary hosts were removed and the remaining list of 57 objects was prioritised to optimise telescope observing time and planetary detection ‘hit-rate’.
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