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Paper: Transdet: a Matched-filter based Algorithm for Transit Detection : Application to Simulated COROT Light Curves
Volume: 366, Transiting Extrasolar Planets Workshop
Page: 145
Authors: Borde, P.; Fressin, F.; Ollivier, M.; Leger, A.; Rouan, D.
Abstract: We present a matched-filter based algorithm for transit detection and its application to simulated COROT light curves. This algorithm stems from the work by Bord́e, Rouan & Leger (2003). We describe the different steps we intend to take to discriminate between planets and stellar companions using the three photometric bands provided by COROT. These steps include the search for secondary transits, the search for ellipsoidal variability, and the study of transit chromaticity. We also discuss the performance of this approach in the context of blind tests organized inside the COROT exoplanet consortium.
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