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Paper: Searching for Planetary Transits in the Lupus Galactic Plane
Volume: 366, Transiting Extrasolar Planets Workshop
Page: 90
Authors: Weldrake, D.T.F.; Bayliss, D.D.R.; Sackett, P.D.; Bessell, M.; Tingley, B.
Abstract: A 52′ 52′ field in the Lupus Galactic plane was observed with the ANU 1m telescope for 53 nights during 2005 and 2006 in a search for transiting Hot Jupiter planets. A total of 2200 images were obtained. We have sampled 120,000 stars via differential photometry, of which ~26,000 have sufficient photometric accuracy (≤ 2.5%) with which to perform a search for transiting planets. Ongoing analysis has led to the identification of three candidates. We present an overview of the project, including the results of radial velocity analysis performed on the first candidate (Lupus-TR-1) with the 4m AAT telescope. The third candidate, Lupus-TR-3 (P=3.914d, V~16.5), is a particularly strong case for a giant planet of 1.0-1.2RJup orbiting a solar-like primary star with a near central transit. Further observations are planned to determine its nature.
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