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Paper: Mastery of Astronomy 101 with Standards-Based Grading
Volume: 533, ASP 2021: Sharing Best Practices – AstronomyTeaching and Public Engagement
Page: 191
Authors: Gugliucci, N.
Abstract: Standards-based grading refers to a number of assessment techniques that center the learning objectives of a course and the students' ability to perform to these standards. Mastery-based grading promotes deep learning and a growth mindset by grading each standard on an “all or nothing” approach with multiple chances for redos and revisions. In this scheme, student course grades are not determined by traditional tests but by how many learning objectives they have mastered by the end of the course. In this session, I will describe how a Mastery Grading scheme is being implemented for the first time in the Introduction to Astronomy course at Saint Anselm College and reflect on student experiences and progress with this form of assessment. This course fulfills certain college learning objectives for science reasoning, and I will show how the assessment strategies directly line up with these college-wide goals. As students at SAC are only required to take one science reasoning course, this is likely the last place where non-science majors encounter the processes of studying physical sciences. This course also serves students who minor in astronomy and planetary science and who are science majors, so this assessment technique is designed to benefit their learning and their growth as scientific thinkers.
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