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Paper: Radiopadre: Remote, Interactive, Zero-admin Visualization of Data Pipeline Products
Page: 593
Authors: Smirnov, O. M.
Abstract: Modern [not only radio] astronomers are coming to terms with being separated from their data and pipelines. Sheer data size alone dictates that data reductions are hardly ever “local” in any sense, but rather have to run on a remote cluster or in the cloud, with SSH gateways and network latency in between. The new work patterns of the covid-19 pandemic only exacerbate this separation. At the same time, the complexity of new telescopes and pipelines results in a far greater volume and variety of intermediate diagnostics and final data products. Radiopadre (Python Astronomy Data Reductions Examiner) is a software suite for visualizing remote collections of data products. It is a combination of a client-side script, Docker or Singularity images, a Jupyter Notebook framework, and integrated browser-based FITS viewers such as CARTA and JS9. Radiopadre is virtually zero-admin, in the sense that it requires nothing more than a web browser on the client side, an SSH connection, and Docker or Singularity support on the remote end. It allows for both interactive (exploratory) visualization via a Jupyter Notebook, and the development of rich, extensive report-style notebooks tuned to the outputs of a particular pipeline.
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