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Paper: Teaching Spectra the Easy Way – In-Person or Online
Volume: 531, ASP2020: Embracing the Future: Astronomy Teaching and Public Engagement
Page: 410
Authors: Field, T.
Abstract: Spectroscopy! It's such a key tool for our understanding of the stars. And yet, it's always been challenging to do a good job teaching it. Hand-held devices can be ineffective, often frustrating students and taking up valuable class time. Our popular RSpec Explorer video spectrometer shows a live view of your gas-tubes. Students all see the same thing at the same time, whether in person or in a remote session. And, if you do any telescope observing with your students, use the same software to capture spectra of stars using our Star Analyser grating. Our large Periodic Table of Spectra poster is popular in any classroom. In this quick presentation, we'll show you a live view of how easily you can teach spectra to your students using our tools. For details, see
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