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Paper: Engaging More Effectively with the Educational Ecosystem: the Value of a Treatise
Volume: 531, ASP2020: Embracing the Future: Astronomy Teaching and Public Engagement
Page: 357
Authors: Pompea, S. M.; Russo, P.
Abstract: We describe a plan for a practical treatise on astronomy education. Our effort began with a comprehensive review in the Annual Review of Astronomy and Astrophysics of evidence-based practices for working in astronomy education. This review, “Astronomers Engaging with the Education Ecosystem: A Best-Evidence Synthesis”, summarized relevant research on astronomy education and science education in general, highlighting the many different roles that astronomers and astronomy educators can play as they provide astronomy education experiences. To extend this work, we wanted to create a practical treatise for astronomy education practitioners that distills our experiences in preschool, primary, and secondary education, as well as in informal education settings. We provide a roadmap for a series of articles that address key issues in starting and maintaining astronomy education programs. Our goal is to help astronomy research centers such as universities and national facilities to find appropriate and productive roles for their scientists and astronomy education professionals.
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