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Paper: Inquiry Labs and Research Posters On-line and Asynchronously
Volume: 531, ASP2020: Embracing the Future: Astronomy Teaching and Public Engagement
Page: 209
Authors: Grundstrom, E.
Abstract: During this fall semester 2020 at Vanderbilt University, we moved all Introductory Astronomy Lab instruction to on-line, asynchronous delivery (from in-person labs with some telescopic observing). This presentation will deliver a report from the trenches. A main goal of the course is to have these non-majors students design and present an individual research "poster" as a final project. In order to prepare them, throughout the semester students are trained on how to use data harvested from internet databases and simulators, how to design an answerable research question, and how to make an evidence-based conclusion using inquiry-based labs. We have used such labs for several years at Vanderbilt and students have been highly satisfied with their final projects. While in-person, our last lab session was a highly organized poster presentation session but that has been unworkable given physical distancing guidelines. We've had one experience with this poster session management (spring semester) and we'll describe how that experience informed fall semester organization. We will also report on how this transition to asynchronous learning has gone (both for labs themselves and for the posters), on quality of student products, and on student satisfaction.
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