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Paper: Journey with the SEO 0.5m Telescope: Progress and Prospects
Volume: 531, ASP2020: Embracing the Future: Astronomy Teaching and Public Engagement
Page: 171
Authors: Njoku-Achu, N. O.; Offor, P. O.; Okere, A. R.; Sani, I. A.; Gozman, K.; Meredith, A. M. K.; Nowinski, M.; Pagul, A.
Abstract: In May 2020, in response to the growing needs for remote international collaboration driven by today's climate, the West African and Southern African Regional Offices of Astronomy for Development (WAROAD and SAROAD), joined with GLAS Education and Stone Edge Observatory (SEO) to create an international partnership aimed at providing an immersive educational experience through the use of SEO's remotely controlled 0.5-m telescope in Sonoma, CA. This project has provided some upcoming scientists, with interests in astronomy, the opportunity to learn and develop the capacity required to independently identify potential targets of interest, plan observations using planetarium software, such as Stellarium and Telescopius, and survey the sky from any location around the globe. With this project, we will establish a legacy database of consistently and robustly reduced data with SEO, perform time series analysis in order to understand the motions and properties of variable and transient celestial bodies (asteroids, comets, stellar proper motions, variable stars, and supernovae), enable follow-up observations on other phenomena that occur in real time, and fill in some knowledge gaps, especially in the bright-object regime. We will show some initial results of our work on our Stone Edge All-Sky Survey (SEASS or SEAS Survey) and asteroid photometry, as well as prescribe plans for the future.
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