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Paper: Tips to Prepare and Offer an Online Astro101 Course
Volume: 531, ASP2020: Embracing the Future: Astronomy Teaching and Public Engagement
Page: 154
Authors: Manset, N.; Laychak, M. B.
Abstract: Whether offered in person or online, Astro 101 classes benefit from the same general best practices as any other course, like pedagogy before technology, consistency, and regular feedback. After teaching a Survey of Astronomy course fully online, ideas and insights that might prove useful to other instructors were noted and will be shared here. Preparations to teach online can include taking an online short course, on any topic, to experience a course as a student, and requesting templates from your school for the content management platform used. To help students start a semester on the right foot, it is important to establish expectations and netiquette rules, and offer students a chance to try out the interface, especially for tests and quizzes. During a semester, a consistent presentation, regular deadlines, and frequent reminders help keep students on track. At all times, an instructor can request feedback from students, and subsequently adapt the pace or content to review concepts that were not initially grasped well enough, or pick a topic that students are especially interested in.
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