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Paper: University of Mars Video Game: Virtual Learning for Astro 101
Volume: 531, ASP2020: Embracing the Future: Astronomy Teaching and Public Engagement
Page: 96
Authors: Charlton, J.; Tr'Ehnl, N.; Mshar, A.
Abstract: Over 25,000 students have taken Astro 101 through our self-contained video game adventure, deliberately designed for virtual learning at the college level. Try it for yourself at this interactive webinar where we will help you download and play a demo version of our University of Mars game. This game covers all the usual topics for general education Astro 101 classes, and can be used alone in a purely virtual course or combined with your own materials in a blended learning environment. Embedded mini-games teach concepts, from moon phases to early universe particle physics, and frequent questions help students to assess their learning as they progress. As well as providing an opportunity for participants to try it themselves, this webinar presentation will provide an overview of the game, discuss learning goals and student feedback, and allow you to ask questions about how you might use it in your own virtual classroom. It has been used for classes as small as 10 students and as large as 5000 students. For more information on the Astro 101 Video game please see our website
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