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Paper: Cellinoid Shape Model for Asteroidal Lightcurve Inversion
Volume: 513, Serendipities in the Solar System and Beyond
Page: 103
Authors: Lu, X.-P.; Ip, W.-H.
Abstract: Based on the special shape model first introduced by Alberto Cellino, which consists of eight ellipsoidal octants with the constraint that adjacent octants must have two identical semi-axes, an efficient algorithm to derive the physical parameters, such as the rotational period, spin axis, and overall shape from either lightcurves or sparse photometric data of asteroids, is developed and this model is firstly named as 'Cellinoid' shape model. With only 3 more parameters than the traditional triaxial ellipsoid, the cellinoid shape model of having the asymmetric morphology could perform more efficiently and better simulate the real asteroid with irregular shape. That could be employed for the huge number of photometric sparse data observed by Gaia in the coming future. In this article, the shape definition and the whole lightcurve inverse process are totally described in details, in addition to the derived Cellinoid shape models for the asteroids (6)Hebe, (4179)Toutatis.
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