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Paper: Connection of LBV Stars with Young Stellar Clusters in M33
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 457
Authors: Kostenkov, A.; Fabrika, S.; Sholukhova, O.; Kholtygin, A.; Atapin, K.; Vinokurov, A.; Valeev, A.
Abstract: We present results of a search for and modeling of young stellar groups and clusters and their relation to LBV stars and LBV candidates in the M33 galaxy. These stars can be located near these groups or clusters in the galaxy. Using the broad-band and Halpha images of M33 obtained by Massey et al. (2006), we have found main parameters of stellar groups (young clusters) in the vicinity of LBVs. The mathematical algorithms (wavelet analysis) were used to find similarity of stellar group parameters in the M33 images. Using Monte Carlo modeling, we have found that the LBV stars and LBV candidates are really related to the stellar groups and clusters and their association is not occasional.
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