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Paper: Lunar Occultation and Speckle Interferomerty of λ Aquarii with the SAO RAS 6-Meter Telescope
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 336
Authors: Dyachenko, V.; Richichi, A.; Balega, Yu.; Beskakotov, A.; Maksimov, A.; Rastegaev, D.
Abstract: The results of lunar occultation (LO) and speckle-interferometric (SI) observations of M-giant λ Aqr made on the night of June 25–26, 2016 with the BTA are presented. We used our speckle camera based on EMCCD Andor iXon Ultra DU-897-CS0 to obtain a high-frequency (387.59 Hz) frame rate for LO observations. Filter 694/10 nm was used for LO observations. High frequency and high SNR allowed us to measure the angular diameter of λ Aqr. Adopting the uniform disk (UD) model, the preliminary result is 7.11±0.02 mas. During LO observations a faint component was detected, and we obtained SI observations of the pair. For these observations we used 550/20 and 694/10 nm filters. Measured separations between the components are 526±1 mas and 527±1 mas, respectively. The magnitude differences are 4.51±0.03 and 4.95±0.06. These results suggest that the secondary component is probably a main sequence star physically bound to λ Aqr. Our study shows the advantages of different high-resolution observational methods available with the speckle camera of the 6-m SAO telescope.
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