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Paper: Hα profile Variations in the Spectra of the Supergiant 55 Cyg
Volume: 510, Stars: From Collapse to Collapse
Page: 181
Authors: Maharramov, Y. M.
Abstract: Profile variations in the Hα line in the spectra of the star 55 Cyg are investigated using observations carried out in 2010–2011 and 2013–2015 with the 2-m telescope at the Shamakhy Astrophysical Observatory. The absorption and emission components of the Hα line are found to disappear on some observational days. The profile of the Hα line has been analysed, as well as its relations with possible conditions of the atmosphere of 55 Cyg. It is revealed that when the Hα line disappeared the Hβ is redshifted, but no significant variabilities were observed in other spectral lines formed in deeper atmospheric layers.
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