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Paper: [CII] Emission from Low Redshift Analogs of Epoch of Reionization Galaxies
Volume: 499, Revolution in Astronomy with ALMA: The Third Year
Page: 75
Authors: Chary, R.; Shim, H.
Abstract: We present Herschel/PACS far-infrared spectroscopy of a population of ∼20 local (z<0.2) star-forming galaxies identified in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey and whose specific star-formation rates and extreme emission line properties make them very similar to z>5 Lyman-break galaxies. We detect [CII] emission in about half the sample, with [CII]/ LIR ratios which lie between 1.6×10–4 and 1.6×10–3. We find that [CII]/LIR ratios in mergers are lower by a factor of ∼2–3; however we do not find evidence for a metallicity dependence. We predict based on these measurements that ALMA spectroscopy of z>5 Lyman-break galaxies should reveal median [CII]/LIR ratios of 6×10–4 and maybe even as high as 10–3, depending on whether mergers or cold gas accretion powers star-formation.
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