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Paper: Computational Physics of Small Meteors
Volume: 498, Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows ASTRONUM-2014
Page: 127
Authors: Surzhikov, S.
Abstract: This paper is dedicated to application of the modern computational aero physical models, which were developed for mathematical modeling of aerothermodynamics and radiative gasdynamics of space vehicles, for investigation of meteoric phenomena. Short analysis of modern problems of meteoric physics is presented. The typical chemical compositions of meteoric bodies are discussed. Considerable attention is given to investigation of the non-equilibrium physical-chemical processes accompanying a meteor with relatively small size at altitude of 70 km, in the conditions, when the vibrational relaxation zone exceeds the size of meteoric body. Two-dimensional numerical simulation radiative gas dynamics model of physically and chemically nonequilibrium flow field around the meteoroid bodies entering Earth atmosphere is presented.
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