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Paper: Long-Time Sustainability of Rossby Wave Instability in Protoplanetary Disks with Dead Zone
Volume: 498, Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows ASTRONUM-2014
Page: 102
Authors: Li, S.; Li, H.
Abstract: We have run 2D simulations to investigate the generation and sustainability of Rossby wave instability (RWI) in proto-planetary disks with constant viscosity and for disks with low viscosity regions (dead zone). For the constant viscosity case, the development of RWI requires a low viscosity and life time of the RWI is short. We also find that the vortex, when it migrates, does so much faster than the diskâǍŹs viscous drift rate. For disks with dead zone case, a much larger viscosity can be used and the RWI vortex can be sustained for a long time, even the life time of the disk, depending on the width and depth of the dead zone. For a narrow dea zone, the vortex depicts a periodic pattern with a period inversely proportional to the viscosity. If the dead-zone width exceeds some threshold, the periodicity of the RWI disappears.
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