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Paper: Multi-Physics Feedback Simulations with Realistic Initial Conditions of the Formation of Star Clusters: From Large Scale Magnetized Clouds to Turbulent Clumps to Cores to Stars
Volume: 498, Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows ASTRONUM-2014
Page: 91
Authors: Klein, R. I.; Li, P.; McKee, C. F.
Abstract: Multi-physics zoom-in adaptive mesh refinement simulations with feedback and realistic initial conditions, starting from large scale turbulent molecular clouds through the formation of clumps and cores to the formation os stellar clusters are presented. I give a summary of results at the different scales undergoing gravitational collapse from cloud to core to cluster formation. Detailed comparisons with observations are made at each stage of the simulations. In particular, properties of the magnetized clumps are compared with recent observations of Crutcher et al. 2010 and Crutcher 2012 and the magnetic field orientation in cloud clumps relative to the global mean field of the inter-cloud medium (Li et al. 2009). The Initial Mass Function (IMF) obtained is compared with the Chabrier IMF and the protostellar mass function of the cluster is compared with different theories.
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