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Paper: Towards Robust Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for General Relativistic Neutrino Radiation Transport
Volume: 498, Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows ASTRONUM-2014
Page: 59
Authors: Endeve, E.; Hauck, C. D.; Xing, Y.; Mezzacappa, A.
Abstract: With an eye towards simulating neutrino transport in core-collapse supernovae, we have developed a conservative, robust, and high-order numerical method for solving the general relativistic phase space advection problem in stationary spacetimes. The method achieves high-order accuracy using Discontinuous Galerkin discretization and Runge-Kutta time integration. For robustness, care is taken to ensure that the physical bounds on the phase space distribution function are preserved; i.e., f ∈ [0,1]. We briefly describe the bound-preserving scheme, and present results from numerical experiments in spherical symmetry adopting the Schwarzschild metric, which demonstrate that the method preserves the bounds on the distribution function.
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