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Paper: Pair-Instability Supernovae of Non-Zero Metallicity Stars
Volume: 498, Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows ASTRONUM-2014
Page: 47
Authors: Chen, K.-J.; Heger, A.; Woosley, S.; Almgren, A.; Whalen, D. J.
Abstract: Observational evidence suggests that some very massive stars in the local Universe may die as pair-instability supernovae. We present 2D simulations of the pair-instability supernova of a non-zero metallicity star. We find that very little mixing occurs in this explosion because metals in the stellar envelope drive strong winds that strip the hydrogen envelope from the star prior to death. Consequently, a reverse shock cannot form and trigger fluid instabilities during the supernova. Only weak mixing driven by nuclear burning occurs in the earliest stages of the supernova, and it is too weak to affect the observational signatures of the explosion.
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