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Paper: Photometric Study of Hot Jupiters: WASP-10 b and HAT-P-36 b
Volume: 496, Living Together: Planets, Host Stars and Binaries
Page: 356
Authors: Püsküllü, &.; Soydugan, F.; Erdem, A.; Budding, E.; Soydugan, E.; Tüysüz, M.; Rhodes, M.; Demircan, O.
Abstract: This work presents preliminary results of WinFitter analyses of photometric observations of two hot Jupiters, WASP-10 b and HAT-P-36 b. According to these results, HAT-P-36 b has mean radius of Rp=1.40± 0.25 RJup, and transit parameter b =0.44 ±0.09. WASP-10 b shows some additional variations, and we therefore preferred to model its transit light curve with and without probable spot variations.
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