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Paper: On the Number of Hot Jupiters Having Extended Non-Spherical Envelopes
Volume: 496, Living Together: Planets, Host Stars and Binaries
Page: 337
Authors: Bisikalo, D. V.; Kaygorodov, P. V.; Arakcheev, A. S.
Abstract: A system containing a hot Jupiter and its host star may be considered as a binary system with an extremely low mass ratio. Among 189 hot Jupiters currently known (October 2014), 54 planets have atmospheres exceeding the size of the Roche lobe by ∼3 RJup on average. This degree of overfilling should result in a very high rate of mass loss through the vicinity of the inner Lagrangian point, and should significantly reduce the lifetime of an exoplanet. However, observations to not show this. Previously we proposed a mechanism that explains stable hot Jupiter atmospheres extending far beyond the Roche lobes. By this mechanism, the atmospheres are stabilized by the interaction with the stellar wind. In this case an extended non-spherical long-lived envelope forms around the hot Jupiter. In this work we consider the parameters of a sample of currently known hot Jupiters in order to find objects that may potentially have extended gaseous envelopes.
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