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Paper: AbsParEB and InPeVEB: Software for the Calculation of Absolute and Orbital Period Changes Parameters of Eclipsing Binaries
Volume: 496, Living Together: Planets, Host Stars and Binaries
Page: 286
Authors: Liakos, A.
Abstract: The software ABSPAREB (Absolute Parameters of Eclipsing Binaries) calculates the absolute parameters and their formal errors for three different modes: a) double-lined spectroscopic eclipsing binary, b) single-lined spectroscopic eclipsing binary, and c) for an eclipsing binary for which there is no spectroscopic information. In addition, the positions of the binary's members on the mass–radius and color–magnitude diagrams can be also plotted. INPEVEB (Interpretation of Period Variations of Eclipsing Binaries) calculates the parameters as well as their formal errors for several orbital period modulating mechanisms in eclipsing binaries (i.e., LITE, the Applegate mechanism, mass transfer/loss, apsidal motion, magnetic braking) using from an analysis of their O–C diagrams. Both programs are available online (free of charge) in Graphical User Interface form and were written in PYTHON.
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