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Paper: Period Variations in Three Eclipsing Binaries in Vulpecula
Volume: 496, Living Together: Planets, Host Stars and Binaries
Page: 284
Authors: Hanna, M. A.
Abstract: We investigate the period variations for three eclipsing binaries showing strong evidence of period changes, by means of the O–C residual diagram. Two of them, BK Vul and KN Vul, are W UMa-type contact binaries, while the third, V467 Vul, is a β Lyr semi-detached system. All three exhibit period changes dP/dt (decreases) over the long term, which are usually interpreted as being due to mass transfer from the primary to the secondary component, or mass loss from L2. The period variability of KN Vul also shows a sine-like variation superimposed on the parabolic behavior, which may be interpreted in terms of either magnetic activity or the light time effect.
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