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Paper: New Spectroscopic Solution of the Eclipsing Binary HX Vel A
Volume: 496, Living Together: Planets, Host Stars and Binaries
Page: 260
Authors: Sürgit, D.; Erdem, A.; Özkardeş, B.; Butland, R.; Budding, E.
Abstract: We present a preliminary analysis of new spectroscopic observations of the southern binary HX Vel A. High-resolution spectroscopic observations were made at the Mt. John University Observatory in 2014. Radial velocities for HX Vel A were determined from the Gaussian profile-fitting method. The Keplerian radial velocity model gives the close binary mass ratio as 0.57±0.06. The resulting orbital elements are a1sin i=0.0086 ±0.0003 au, a2sin i=0.0151 ±0.0003 au, M1 sin3i =0.887 ±0.046 M, and M2 sin3i =0.504 ±0.032 M.
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