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Paper: Ionization Structure of the Symbiotic Binary V1016 Cyg from Raman Scattering of the He II 1025 Å Line
Volume: 496, Living Together: Planets, Host Stars and Binaries
Page: 243
Authors: Sekeráš, M.; Skopal, A.
Abstract: V1016 Cyg is a symbiotic binary consisting of a Mira-type variable and a white dwarf. We analyzed the Raman scattering of photons from the He II 1025 line on neutral hydrogen atoms, the result of which is seen in the spectrum of V1016 Cyg as a faint and broad emission around 6545 Å. We determined the efficiency of this Raman conversion, and accordingly, we estimated the ionization structure of the binary, which allows us to investigate the mass-loss process from the Mira variable in V1016 Cyg.
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