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Paper: First Spectroscopic Study of the Southern Eclipsing Binary V454 Carina
Volume: 496, Living Together: Planets, Host Stars and Binaries
Page: 187
Authors: Özkardeş, B.; Erdem, A.; Sürgit, D.; Butland, R.; Budding, E.
Abstract: We present preliminary results from the analysis of spectroscopic observations of the southern eclipsing binary star V454 Car (HIP 36682). High-resolution spectra of the system were taken at the Mt. John University Observatory in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2014. Detailed examination of the spectra indicates that V454 Car is a triple system. Radial velocities of the components of the eclipsing pair were obtained. The orbital solution gave quite a large spectroscopic mass ratio of qspec =0.93 ±0.05.
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