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Paper: The Benchmark Eclipsing Binary V530 Ori: A Critical Test of Magnetic Evolution Models for Low-Mass Stars
Volume: 496, Living Together: Planets, Host Stars and Binaries
Page: 169
Authors: Torres, G.; Lacy, C. H. S.; Pavlovski, K.; Feiden, G. A.; Sabby, J. A.; Bruntt, H.; Clausen, J. V.
Abstract: We report accurate measurements of the physical properties (mass, radius, temperature) of components of the G+M eclipsing binary V530 Ori. The M-type secondary shows a larger radius and a cooler temperature than predicted by standard stellar evolution models, as has been found for many other low-mass stars and ascribed to the effects of magnetic activity and/or spots. We show that models from the Dartmouth series that incorporate magnetic fields are able to match the observations with plausible field strengths of 1-2 kG, consistent with a rough estimate we derive for that star.
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